Our Vision

Our objective is to help the poor and needy children and elderly patients and for that we throughly discuss the health condition of the referred patients in our group and help financially by transferring the required money to the hospital so that the patient can get free treatment. We also support needy Juvenile Diabetes kids.

Who we are.

We are a group of like-minded doctors and well-wishers who believe that we have a responsibility towards society and are endeavouring our best to serve the society. As a group of medical students, we decided that when we become full-fledged specialists we will form an NGO and serve the needy kids and the aged and infirm. What we dreamt in medical school could be realised only in 2013, when we, led by Dr. Shravan formed this PGCare with just about.

How we work?

Over the last five years it has metamorphosed into a big group with many of our friends, colleagues and good samaritans from all the professional areas joining us and helping us to achieve our dream.

Refer a case for donation


A case is referred by a doctor, a member or anyone who is part of the PG care family.

Review a case for donation


Case is reviewed by a group of doctors who are specialists in their respective areas.



All the paperwork will be collected from the hospital the patient is admitted or will be treated at.



Once the decision to go ahead is finalised, money will be directly transferred to the hospital in order to make the part or full payment for the treatment.